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A Calmer, Stress Free Life Is Within Reach

Virtual Healing w/

Dominique Bourhill

Dom.Unique Energy Healing offers a distinctive and revitalizing wellness experience for people, by providing quality guided meditations, soothing energy healing and dynamic sound healing with voice, percussion and gongs.


Meet Domi

Certified Reiki Healer & Meditation Expert

What I Specialize In


Sound Healing

Guided Meditations


The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"During and after each session I felt so calm and relaxed. They gave me a wonderful peaceful feeling."

- Donna R.

"She takes you on the most amazing journeys to self-love, peace and acceptance! She is very versatile in the many instruments she uses and is always smiling. She has grounding energy that radiates directly to your soul. I highly recommend Dominique as a sound healer."

- Léa G

"Dominique assists you on your healing journey - she is highly compassionate professional and in tune with her clients, that brings the positive energy to the sessions."

- Sue R.

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