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Meet Dominique

Energy and Sound Healer  

I began my own healing journey eight years ago. I had to let go of some emotional baggage that had built up over the span of my childhood. I had a traumatic brain injury, after undergoing heart surgery when I was a toddler. The injury affected my speech, my overall coordination and balance. I can now stand tall and have the ability to talk about how I have overcome my obstacles with sheer will, loving patience and humor.

During 2020, I felt that my time was best used if I learned how to heal myself and strengthen my inner self with sound and energy healing. If I learned to assist myself, I would have a wider tool kit to assist people on their own personal journeys.


Treasure Box of Learning


We ground ourselves to have an anchor, or a link to this natural world. We ground ourselves so that we can feel secure, balanced and whole. Grounding Meditations are a great tool because of all the positive outcomes. Grounding Meditations lead to more peace, increased mental clarity and more energetic awareness. It is a great stress reliever and it helps restore the foundation of self-awareness. Grounding helps nourish yourself and assists you with making the best decision for your higher self.

Vocal Toning

The voice is a very powerful tool. Our voices can transmit energy directly which can assist us in our healing journey. Our voices hold a link to our consciousness. Our voices can help us to relax, reflect deeply and reform new habits.

Breathing has an unbreakable bond with voice. Our breathing can be either unfocused or very intentional.

When we practice vocal toning in meditation it is imperative that we focus on breathing. We should be breathing deep into the diaphragm. We make it possible then for the sounds we are experiencing to travel around our body and energetic body for deep resonance and healing.

For your unique energetic healing journey, I have chosen two variations of vocal toning to supercharge your energies: Mantras and the Qi Gong Six Healing Sounds.

Mantras are energetically charged Sanskrit prayers from ancient times. Anyone can harness the inner power of the mantra with intention. Each mantra connects us deep within ourselves to the cosmos and grounds us to the earth.

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese method of movement to move your “Chi,” life energy. This method is used to revitalize and brings harmony into your whole body. Qi Gong is known for improving mood, flexibility, and anxiety. Qi Gong uses the five natural elements because each element corresponds to an organ, color, and sound. Working with these sounds brings a deeper sense of balance. Each sound has a purpose to bring the specific element into your being.

domi sky.jpg

Drumming is a very old pastime. Records show that drumming stretches back to China, 5500 BC. The drum was made from alligator skin. When we use drumming, we tap into those very ancient roots. Drums were used for religious and cultural practices. Drumming was also used for communication over long distances.

We have many inner cycles in our body that make different rhythms. We have a heartbeat rhythm. We are also made of 70 percent water! Our inner waters make a myriad of sounds. The water in our bodies assists with purifying the cells in our bodies and dissolves the nutrients to make it accessible for our bodies to absorb.

One of the main rhythms that we can all feel, and control, is our breathing! It is important that we focus on our breathing as a personal rhythm because we have control over how we breathe. When we experience healing sounds, and properly breathe, those sounds can tune our bodies. We can then listen in, tune into our inner rhythms humming in harmony.


Gongs have been around a very long time. Records show that gongs were used back in 16,000 BC. Gongs assist us with releasing suppressed and repressed emotions. Traditionally, gongs were made by families that were specialists, much like making cheese or cowbells. Gongs are known to bring luck and wealth to those that actually touch the gong. There are three types of gongs. Gongs are beautiful and can assist us with maintaining and balancing our masculine side. The positive attributes that shine while using the gong are as follows: logic, strategic thinking, patience, and emotional strength.

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