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What can you expect from a session?

  • You might reach a deep state of relaxation.

  • You might have the sensation of falling asleep.

  • The two frequencies we can drop into in meditation are the Theta and Delta frequencies.

  • The Theta Frequency State is linked to creativity and to physical relaxation.

  • A few words about the Delta Frequency State: it is the deepest frequency we can drop into during meditation or in the dream state. It is where we find our deepest sensations of healing, and dreamless sleep. It is the slowest brainwave.

  • You might have a more visceral experience and deeply feel the healing process if you are sensitive to sounds.

  • You will know, if you feel the cells in your body shift and lighten during the session, that you are sensitive to sounds.

  • You might just feel waves of heat or cooling sensations.

  • You might just feel lighter, and clear headed.

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