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What is an Energy Experience?

I created a special experience with captivating Guided Meditations using novel energy healing techniques along with passionate and dynamic sound healing techniques to supercharge your inner healing journey.

I gravitated towards Voice, Percussion and Gongs as my instruments for sound healing because the instruments, including voice, are a deep part of my own personal healing story. All my guided meditations are set in different seasons of the year and use different symbolism to convey healing.

I love creating a truly healing space. I blend the guided meditations in a real place that I love or, alternatively, I take you to a deeper space within your imagination which I call your “Enchanted Forest.” I use sound and tones to create a layer of fantasy and mystery. I fully ground you into the earth so that I can lead you deeper and higher into yourself.

You have the power to decide sound healing modality, and the place you wish to embrace.


What is Sound Healing?

The essence of sound healing is using different tones and frequencies to align our unique energies. I use Voice, Percussion, and the Gong to facilitate deep relaxation and deep healing.

Sound waves are measured in Hertz. Everything we hear has a special pitch and frequency that we find either soothing or dissonant. Our voices have a certain pitch that is very unique. We can train our voices to do a myriad of different activities. Some people train their voices to talk on the radio. Some people train their voices to sing Gospel or Opera. Alternatively, some people want to learn how to speak clearly. Most of the techniques are different ways to manipulate their voice by breathing, by feeling the breath being pushed out from the diaphragm. The trick is learning to breathe in deep enough to reach the diaphragm so that it is naturally happening and not completely forced.

Sound is happening all around us. Some sound waves are so high or low (like a whale or an elephant’s call) that our ears aren’t able to detect it. Some people are overly sensitive to different sounds or deaf to certain pitches. Sound is life happening in full motion, like an orchestra.

sound healing
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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing modality from ancient Japan. Reiki enables our unique energies to flow freely with aligned universal love energy. It is very safe, and very calming. This process facilitates a deeper resonance of energy healing.

What is Meditation?

Meditation means to bring full awareness to a focal point by observing thoughts and letting them go at any moment, using a variety of techniques.

When you meditate regularly, you can gain many benefits:

  • Meditation can reduce blood pressure.

  • If you are experiencing pain, meditation can minimize the pain threshold.

  • Meditation can assist you with sleeping better.

  • Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Meditation can lead to inner peace, high levels of energy, and excitement!


What is Energy Healing?

This is the forefront of how I am able to guide people’s energetic bodies into alignment. If you think about why musicians tune their instruments, it’s so that the instrument can be played and all the notes which come out are pure, original and the correct frequency.

What is frequency? Well, it is vibrational waves. The frequencies we have are in our energetic field. Most people aren’t able to see our energetic field, but it’s basically a bubble that’s multi-colored. The energetic field includes your Aura. Your Aura is seven layers, just like a cake! Your Aura is different colors based on age, gender and stressors. Now, if you think about the people who you love in your life and the people around you, you are subconsciously linked to them because you hold a similar frequency.

Now, why should we tune and align or frequencies of our energetic field? It is so that we have the correct energy flow in us so that we can thrive and be balanced.

We use energy healing to release internal unhealthy blockages, or stress triggers. I can use a wide variety of techniques with sound, and manipulate the energy around you by channeling the Universal Energy that comes from where? Our creator, from the cosmos.

I am aware of the Human Energy Field because of my trained Hyper Sensory Perception. Everyone can do this and has different special abilities that they can unlock.

Personally, I can pick up on different subtle energy by hyper focused awareness with the use of non-verbal communication. I have the ability to shift energy with the use of intention. I can quiet my mind with Qi Gong and Meditation.

There are two ways that a person can choose to balance the subtle energies in your body.

You can choose whatever makes you feel most comfortable. People have the choice of two methods for the way they want to align their frequency and energy body. You have the choice of Hands ON healing and Hands OFF healing. Both methods produce amazing results.

I prefer to work in Hands OFF method because most of my work study has been done over the internet.

Hands OFF Healing can be done in person or over the internet. The therapist can feel just above the various parts of the client’s body without touching, sending universal energy throughout the body. Hands ON healing is where the therapist places hands on the body of the client with permission, on the shoulders, stomach area and feet, and directs healing universal energy with different techniques through the body. The Universal Energy is highly intelligent; when directed it goes where it is needed most.

All these different modalities of Energy Healing have ancient roots. The reason I am using Energy Healing is because it is firmly rooted in science and has proven results. I want to bring these techniques into the light to share them with people. Energy Healing provides me with positive restorative backbone in my everyday life.



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